103. Lamborghini Welcome.

London. April 2018

Piccadilly Circus.

The train doors open.

Annoying tannoy:

This station is Piccadilly Circus.

This train terminates at…

Fuk, I shout. This train terminates! Get off, fast!

I put on an Arnie voice.

Sarah Conner!

And leap off the tube.

I get crazy looks.

Mind the gap!

I stay in line with the stream of tourists up the escalator.

There’s an extra wide barrier gate that opens and closes more slowly than the others for people with suitcases.

I walk through behind someone.

Still got the gift of dodging the tubes.

(I’d rather pay but what could I do?)

I exit to the Cupid statue.

As I exit, a loud car engine revs.

I turn to see a Lamborghini convertible roar away.

I know that’s a staged welcome for me from Mr. Fox.

Mr. C.

Mr. Crystal Meth Psychosis.

Author: Mark Dark

Actor turned Christian missionary turns his back on his Hollywood dreams to combat sex trafficking in Cambodia – and finds himself tangled up in gang culture and a surreal internal world of drugs psychosis. Based on true events.