118. Singing in the Rain

I walk with my tea to Covent Garden.

5 years I performed here.

My first time back in 10 years.

In the Garden the same ol’ Chinese musician plays the same ol’ tune on the same ol’ instrument.

In the daytime its crammed with tourists. Now a lonesome romantic couple roams the quiet, cobbled plaza.

I sit and watch a few people wander through.

The Chinese man plucks a slow, sombre twang-like melody.

His face as old as the instrument he plays.

I put £1 in his box.

What’s that I got left? About 3 bucks?

I sit on the step where I read The Hunchback of Notre Dam all those years ago.

While I was at Italia Conti.

The ol’ Chinese musician stops playing.

 A group of drunk girls break the silence:

I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain.

This song changed for me the day I watched A Clockwork Orange.

In case you haven’t seen it, it’s played over a rape scene.

The girls, six of them, are linked by the arms in a circle.

It’s too dark to see them clearly.

They’re 50 meters away.

What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again!

This is a message from Amelia.

She’s happy again.

I don’t have to be angry anymore.

I don’t have to feel sorry for her anymore.

I don’t have to cry for her.

She’s happy again!

She’s telling me she’s over it.

She’s telling me she’s healed.

What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again!

Joy fills me.

I know this is a message for me.

I also know, I’m pretty sure, that it was Amelia who told the powers to be in Hollywood I could play James Bond.

She must have met Mr. Fox when she went with her sister to the Oscars.

Mr. Fox practically runs the Oscars.

The Zoetrope family.

James Bond.



The girls sing, drunk  but joyfully.

What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again!

A man, with a beard, in workers overalls, skips down the street like Tommy Steele.

He looks at me, and says:

It’s a closed shop, shopfitting, unless you know someone, friends or family.

He is a genius, Mr. C.

Author: Mark Dark

Actor turned Christian missionary turns his back on his Hollywood dreams to combat sex trafficking in Cambodia – and finds himself tangled up in gang culture and a surreal internal world of drugs psychosis. Based on true events.