122. CCTV on the Bus

Question is, will I reach Heathrow before the end of the song, which is 25 days?

Must be halfway there by now.

I stay in the same seat at the front upstairs, watching the CCTV images change from camera to camera.

If I am in a reality live cinema production, then this CCTV from the bus will be used, and in this seat I’m only in one shot.

I time the shots.

Each shot stays on screen for about 9 seconds.

So I should be able, by moving about the bus, be able to be on every camera and in every shot, as long as people aren’t occupying those seats, the seats in shot, which they are now, so I’ll try it next time.psx_20190407_1118322868744246892674766.jpg


Author: Mark Dark

Actor turned Christian missionary turns his back on his Hollywood dreams to combat sex trafficking in Cambodia – and finds himself tangled up in gang culture and a surreal internal world of drugs psychosis. Based on true events.