25. Stupid for Christ.

I try to find someone to share my prize with.
I ask a security guard.

You wanna come smoke?
KH guest house.
KH? Ooo, no. Poli’ jab. Ort la’or.
(No. Police arrest there. Not good).

I saunter back to street 81 wondering who I can invite to smoke with me.
I haven’t heard from Razor.
No idea where she is.
I’ve also no idea the gram of gear in my wallet was a set up.
I’ve no idea.
That’s how smart I am.
You hear of Christian missionaries…Weightlifters for Christ, Dancers for Christ, Actors for Christ…
I’m stupid for Christ.
That’s me.

Author: Mark Dark

Actor Teacher Writer Breaking Bad for Christ – a Novel. Actor turned Christian missionary turns his back on his Hollywood dreams to combat sex trafficking in Cambodia – and finds himself deep underground in a dangerous world of drugs, gangs and violence. Based on a true story. https://steveedwardsthoughts.wordpress.com/

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