64. News from Home

Life in Phnom Penh rocked on.
I made some good friends, Chris and Maria.
Chris and Maria were both foreign NGO workers, Swiss and American.
They’d met in Cambodia, fell in love and got married.
Hundreds of friends attended their wedding, many from church.
They were very popular people.
My friends, apart from a few teachers at ACE, I could count on one hand.
In Cambodia.
In London I’d left behind many, many friends.
Around 50 people had celebrated my 40th birthday with me before I’d left to begin my TEFL teaching career in Sicily.
And nine years later, after coming clean about my crystal meth addiction, all but a handful were still talking to me.
Friendships I’d enjoyed for more than 10 years got lost.
But not until year eight.
I arrived in Cambodia in 2010.
I was abandoned and rejected during two consecutive bouts of homelessness in 2018.
First, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Then, after being arrested in Phnom Penh for homelessness and begging and deported, 3 months in London.
This was the toughest 6 months of my life.
Even tougher than crack addiction in London 25 years earlier.
But how did I reach these depths?
How did a Christian missionary, with troops of friends and unwavering faith, lose his way?
My journey was, I knew, one day going to be a story I could share that would warn other young, idealistic missionary men, who, like me, had a fervent, unstoppable yet naive desire to change – even save – the world and combat sex trafficking.
It would serve as a warning to naive Christian men like me, with a noble, admirable yet ill-thought out plan to make a difference.
My story would reveal the dangers of diving in at the deep end of an unknown country – an unknown culture navigated with no prior research of the dangers ahead…
No idea about the nefarious dangers lurking in the deep, dark caves of the sea of troubles I would dive into.
So what had led me to the dark cave I was trapped in?
How, ten years later, was I in a guesthouse, a gram of crystal meth planted on me, about to be arrested and thrown in a Cambodian prison, abandoned by my friends and family?
2015 soon approached.
I had word from Matthew – one of my brothers – in England.
Our mother had cancer.fb_img_15494647301568895215838004746783.jpg

Author: Mark Dark

Actor Teacher Writer Breaking Bad for Christ – a Novel. Actor turned Christian missionary turns his back on his Hollywood dreams to combat sex trafficking in Cambodia – and finds himself deep underground in a dangerous world of drugs, gangs and violence. Based on a true story. https://steveedwardsthoughts.wordpress.com/

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