70. Upstairs (cont'd)

My turn.
No thanks, I say. I’m with Jesus.
One girl snorts.
A second spins the bottle and straw her way.
I feel the energy change.
I feel the power in the name.
There IS power in the name of Jesus.
This was 2013.
2 years before my mother’s death.
2 years before I returned from a devastating family trauma into another devastating family trauma, with Razor, her violent, abusive ex husband and baby Coco.
What my dear friend Steve Gourley (Rave In Paradise)  described as a high conflict custody battle.
This was all to come.
But upstairs, down Poon Dop Lane, around the back of Heart of Darkness, was my first experience so close to the pipe all the locals seemed to share.
This was my first close encounter with ICE.

Author: Mark Dark

Actor Teacher Writer Breaking Bad for Christ – a Novel. Actor turned Christian missionary turns his back on his Hollywood dreams to combat sex trafficking in Cambodia – and finds himself deep underground in a dangerous world of drugs, gangs and violence. Based on a true story. https://steveedwardsthoughts.wordpress.com/

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