3. Street Trial

I sit on the red chairs outside KH guesthouse.
The father of one of the little princesses comes back from eating breakfast at the roadside cafe along the street.
The little girl, his daughter I presume, holding his hand.
They sit on the seats opposite me.
I force myself not to stare.
I avoid eye contact.
I have never, ever seen a little girl’s face so seriously malformed.
Yet her beauty…is…
Her eye sparkles like a star.
If I was a movie star I would adopt her, not let her out of my sight.
Anger surges inside of me at the thought of anyone speaking a single unkind word to her…ever…in her life.
Immediately I want to adopt her. Protect her.
If I’m James Bond I’ll adopt her and she will grow up strong and live a life of love surrounded by friends and family who love her and she’ll go on to become a great human rights lawyer fighting for equal rights for those who are disabled or physically challenged, becoming a champion of the people, a TV star, loved by millions for her intellect and compassion and bravery for fighting for the rights of those even less fortunate than her.
I would protect her like my very own, like Gods own child, which she is, and give her everything…everything she needs to live a successful, loving, fulfilled life, I knowing that beauty comes from the heart, as Jesus says:
God looks at the heart, not at our outward appearance.
I don’t want to stare.
Instead, I avoid looking, and break into song.
Isn’t He beautiful….?
Beautiful, isn’t He…?
Son of God.
Prince of Peace.
The worship song by John Wimber.
My voice is high and cracked. I have never seen a little girl so…so unique, so in need of love – pure and perfect love.
I do not look at her because I want to treat her as I would any other little girl in Cambodia – you don’t stare – not at little girls – not in Cambodia….
So I sing again… voice cracked with emotion… eyes watering…
Isn’t He… wonderful…
The man in the guesthouse next door looks into my eyes and forms an OK with his finger and thumb…
It’s then I realize, I’m being watched.
20, 30, 50 people – all eyes on me. Nothing new there. That’s Cambodia.
I’m being tried on the street.
The gram of crystal meth in my room, that I was given for free last night by the Bong Thom, was given me for a reason…
If I fail this test, if my reaction to this little girl is unacceptable to the people – or rather…this little girl’s reaction to me – I will be arrested and sent to Prey Sar prison for 5-10 years…
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Author: Mark Dark

Actor Teacher Writer Breaking Bad for Christ – a Novel. Actor turned Christian missionary turns his back on his Hollywood dreams to combat sex trafficking in Cambodia – and finds himself deep underground in a dangerous world of drugs, gangs and violence. Based on a true story. https://steveedwardsthoughts.wordpress.com/

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