7: Bourne to Rescue

I found out what I could about Cambodia.
I started to share my dreams of my mission to Cambodia with my Christian brothers and sisters from church.
I read Somaly Mam’s autobiography The Road of Lost Innocence.
In her story she talks about K11 or Svay Pak – an area in Cambodia 11 km outside of the centre Phnom Penh notorious for child brothels.
She talks about the horror of being locked up there.
My research lead me to Christian NGO The International Justice Mission (IJM) and their James Bond-esque raids to rescue kids from the brothels.
I read Terrify No More by IJM founder Gary Haugen about the raids – the book moved me deeply in my heart – as did his book Good News About Injustice.
I was fired up.
Enraged at the unjustice of children being sold for sex…
Sickened by paedophilia.
Incensed with ire.
My heart screamed out with pain at the injustice of it all.
I was inspired like never before to do my bit…
Go and help…
I wanted more than anything in the world ever to work with The International Justice Mission…
…to rescue children from brothels.
This to me was true heroism.
I had only ever been inspired as much as this before by watching Jason Bourne.
No other films had inspired me to be an actor as much as the Bourne trilogy.
But this was different.
This was real.
Not a movie.
I was sold.
Jesus had changed me.
Changed the desire of my heart.
I was no longer driven by a desire to be an actor and Hollywood movie star…
For the first time ever in my life I was consumed by an unselfish desire to help others.
Is this what they meant at church when they talked about compassion?
My heart was consumed with a desire to rescue children from brothels in Cambodia.

Delight yourself in The LORD – says the bible – and He will give you the desires of your heart.
– Psalm 37:4

All my thoughts and prayers changed focus – off of myself and my own success and stardom – onto my mission to Cambodia and becoming a real life hero – like Gary Haugen.
Not a fake hero, a pretend hero, like Jason Bourne or James Bond – not a fictional hero – but a real one…

Follow my blog for the true life story of my journey into gangland Cambodia to combat child sex trafficking… drugs, gangs, violence, romance, love, abuse, betrayal and Jesus…

Author: Mark Dark

Actor Teacher Writer Breaking Bad for Christ – a Novel. Actor turned Christian missionary turns his back on his Hollywood dreams to combat sex trafficking in Cambodia – and finds himself deep underground in a dangerous world of drugs, gangs and violence. Based on a true story. https://steveedwardsthoughts.wordpress.com/

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